Declares a language, display scale, or DirectX feature level for resources that the package contains. The scale and DirectX feature level attributes are common for all resources in the package.

Element hierarchy



<Resource Language?           = a valid BCP-47 language tag (such as "en", or "en-us")
          uap:Scale?          = "80" | "100" | "120" | "125" | "140" | "150" | "160" | "175" | "180" | "200" | "225" | "250" | "300" | "350" | "400" | "450"
          uap:DXFeatureLevel? = "dx9" | "dx10" | "dx11" | "dx12" />

See BCP-47 language tag.


? optional (zero or one)

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default value

The language for the resource contained in the package. The syntax of this attribute is defined by the IETF's BCP47: Tags for Identifying Languages.

language No

The DirectX feature level of the resource from the manifest's Resources\Resource field.

This attribute can have one of the following values:

  • dx9
  • dx10
  • dx11

The resolution scale of the resource.

"100" | "120" | "125" | "140" | "150" | "160" | "180" | "200" | "225" | "250" | "300" | "400" No

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Parent Element Description

Declares languages for the resources that the package contains. Every package must declare at least one language for resources. The scale and DirectX feature level attributes are common for all resources in the package.


If you have string/image/file resources in your Visual Studio project that have language qualifiers in their names (see Tailor your resources for language, scale, high contrast, and other qualifiers), then you can put the following in your app package manifest source file (Package.appxmanifest).

    <Resource Language="x-generate" />

When Visual Studio builds your package manifest file (AppxManifest.xml), it expands that single Resource element into a union of all the language qualifiers that it finds in your project. For example, if you have string, image, and/or file resources whose folder or file names include "en-US", "ja-JP", and "fr-FR", then your built AppxManifest.xml file will contain the following.

    <Resource Language="EN-US" />
    <Resource Language="JA-JP" />
    <Resource Language="FR-FR" />

The first entry in the list is the default language for the app, which you can set in Visual Studio. With your solution open in Visual Studio, open Package.appxmanifest and, on the Application tab, set Default language.