Note: A prerelease of this API is available starting in the Windows Insiders Preview Build 17083


    UINT64 GpaAddress;
    UINT8 Direction; // 0 for read, 1 for write
    UINT8 AccessSize; // 1 thru 8
    UINT8 Data[8]; // Raw byte contents to be read from/written to memory


Information about the requested memory access by the emulator.

GpaAddress is the guest physical address attempting to be accessed.

Direction is 0 for a memory read access, 1 for a write access.

AccessSize is how big this memory access is in bytes, with a valid size of 1 to 8.

Data is a byte array with the same layout as memory, to either be filled out by the virtualization stack for a read, or containing the data to write to memory for a write.