Containers on Windows Documentation

Windows Containers provide operating system level virtualization that allows multiple isolated applications to be run on a single system. This documentation set provides quick start guides, deployment guides, and technical details on management operations.

**Getting Started**

Learn about Containers and then jump into using them.

  • [About Windows Containers](about/

  • [Using Containers in Windows Server](quick-start/

  • [Using Containers in Windows 10](quick-start/


Learn how to deploy Windows Containers on Windows Server 2019

  • [System Requirements](deploy-containers/

  • [Deploy Container Host](deploy-containers/

  • [Anti-Virus Optimization](

**Docker on Windows**

Learn about managing Docker on Windows.

  • [Docker Engine on Windows](manage-docker/

  • [Dockerfiles on Windows](manage-docker/

  • [Optimize Dockerfiles](manage-docker/

  • [Container Networking](container-networking/


Interested in demos and interviews from the Windows Container team?

  • [Containers Channel](


Interact with the community, try samples, and find additional resources.

  • [Container Forum](

  • [Community Videos and Blogs](

  • [Container Samples](

  • [UserVoice](