Manage Azure Container Instances using Windows Admin Center

This topic describes how to manage Azure Container Instances (ACI) using Windows Admin Center. Azure Container Instances is a solution for any scenario that can operate in isolated containers, without orchestration.


An Azure subscription is required to run the steps in this tutorial. For more information on how to connect your Windows Admin Center instance to Azure, see Configuring Azure integration.

Windows Admin Center allows you to perform basic management of Azure Container Instances, which includes listing existing container instances, starting and stopping an instance, removing instances, and opening the Azure Portal for advanced management.

Azure container instance

With the container instance, you can perform the following actions:

  • Start: To start an existing instance that is currently stopped.
  • End: To stop a running instance.
  • Delete: To delete an instance. This is irreversible and removes any configuration that's been made to the instance.
  • Manage in Azure: This opens the Azure Portal pane to manage the selected container instance on a new browser tab.

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