"Don't cast between pointer types where the source type and the target type are the same."

C++ Core Guidelines: Type.1: Avoid casts

This rule helps to remove unnecessary or suspicious casts. Obviously, when type is converted to itself, such conversion is ineffective, yet the fact that the cast is used may indicate subtle design issue or a potential for regression if types change in future. It is always safer to use as few casts as possible.


  • This rule is implemented for static and reinterpret casts and checks only pointer types.


dangerously generic lookup

gsl::span<server> servers_;

template<class T>
server* resolve_server(T tag) noexcept {
    auto p = reinterpret_cast<server*>(tag); // C26473, also 26490 NO_REINTERPRET_CAST
    return p >= &(*servers_.begin()) && p < &(*servers_.end()) ? p : nullptr;

void promote(server *s, int index) noexcept {
    auto s0 = resolve_server(s);
    auto s1 = resolve_server(index);
   if (s0 && s1)
        std::swap(s0, s1);

dangerously generic lookup - reworked

// ...
server* resolve_server(server *p) noexcept {
    return p >= &(*servers_.begin()) && p < &(*servers_.end()) ? p : nullptr;

server* resolve_server(ptrdiff_t i) noexcept {
    return !servers_.empty() && i >= 0 && i < servers_.size() ? &servers_[i] : nullptr;
// ...