Creating an Extension with a Tool Window


This article applies to Visual Studio 2015. If you're looking for the latest Visual Studio documentation, use the version selector at the top left. We recommend upgrading to Visual Studio 2019. Download it here

In this procedure, you learn how to use the VSIX project template and the Custom Tool Window item template to create an extension with a tool window.


Starting in Visual Studio 2015, you do not install the Visual Studio SDK from the download center. It is included as an optional feature in Visual Studio setup. You can also install the VS SDK later on. For more information, see Installing the Visual Studio SDK.

Creating a Tool Window

  1. Create a VSIX project named FirstWindow. You can find the VSIX project template in the New Project dialog under Visual C# / Extensibility.

  2. When the project opens, add a tool window item template named FirstWindow. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and select Add / New Item. In the Add New Item dialog, go to Visual C# / Extensibility and select Custom Tool Window. In the Name field at the bottom of the window, change the tool window file name to FirstWindow.cs.

  3. Build the project and start debugging.

    The experimental instance of Visual Studio appears. For more information about the experimental instance, see The Experimental Instance.

  4. In the experimental instance, go to View / Other Windows.

    You should see a menu item for FirstWindow. Click it.

    You should see a tool window with the title FirstWindow and a button saying Click Me!.