Gets the field or variable (if any) that may be backing the property represented by this object.


HRESULT GetBackingFieldForProperty(
   IDebugObject2** ppObject
int GetBackingFieldForProperty(
   out IDebugObject2 ppObject


[out] An IDebugObject2 object describing the backing field.

Return Value

If successful, returns S_OK; otherwise, returns an error code.


The IDebugObject2 object represents a managed code class property, that is, a method with a get and/or set accessor. Such properties generally require a variable to contain the value manipulated by the property. This variable is known as the backing field. If there is no backing field for the object, then make sure to return a null value: some callers may not pay attention to the return value but will instead look to see if a null value was returned in ppObject.

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