In Visual Studio 2015, this way of implementing expression evaluators is deprecated. For information about implementing CLR expression evaluators, please see CLR Expression Evaluators and Managed Expression Evaluator Sample.

This interface represents a collection of objects implementing the IDebugObject interface.


IEnumDebugObjects : IUnknown

Notes for Implementers

The expression evaluator implements this interface to provide sets of objects that implement the IDebugObject interface. Note that this is not a standard COM enumeration due to the presence of the GetCount method.

Notes for Callers

Methods in Vtable order

This interface implements the following methods.

Method Description
Next Retrieves the next set of IDebugObject objects from the enumeration.
Skip Skips a specified number of entries.
Reset Resets the enumeration to the first entry.
Clone Retrieves a copy of the current enumeration.
GetCount Retrieves the number of entries in the enumeration.


This interface allows a debug engine to enumerate over a set of objects in an array.


Header: ee.h

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Debugger.Interop

Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Debugger.Interop.dll

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