Code style preferences

Code style preferences can be set for your C# and Visual Basic projects by opening the Options dialog box from the Tools menu. Select Text Editor > C# or Basic > Code Style > General. Options set in this window are applicable to the local machine. Each item in the list will show a preview of the preference when selected, as shown below.

Code Style options

For each item, you can set the Preference and Severity values using the drop downs on each line. Severity can be set to None, Suggestion, Warning, or Error. If you want to enable Quick Actions for a code style, ensure that the Severity setting is set to something other than None. The Quick Actions light bulb icon Small Light Bulb Icon will appear when a non-preferred style is used, and you can choose an option on the Quick Actions list to automatically rewrite code to the preferred style.

Code Style settings for .NET can also be managed with an EditorConfig file. In this case, the settings in the EditorConfig file take precedence over options selected in the Options dialog box. You can use an EditorConfig file to enforce and configure the coding style for your entire repo or project.

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