/LCID (devenv.exe)

Sets the default language used for text, currency, and other values within the IDE.


devenv {/LCID|/L} LocaleID


  • LocaleID

    Required. The locale identifier (LCID) of the language you specify.


Loads the IDE and sets the default natural language for the environment. This change is persisted between sessions, and the IDE shows this change in the Tools > Options > Environment > International Settings > Language box.

If the specified language isn't available on your system, the /LCID switch is ignored.

The following table lists the LCIDs of the languages supported by Visual Studio.

Language LCID
Chinese (Simplified) 2052
Chinese (Traditional) 1028
Czech 1029
English 1033
French 1036
German 1031
Italian 1040
Japanese 1041
Korean 1042
Polish 1045
Portuguese (Brazil) 1046
Russian 1049
Spanish 3082
Turkish 1055


This example loads the IDE with English resources strings.

devenv /LCID 1033

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