My Extensions Page, Project Designer (Visual Basic)

Use the My Extensions page of the Project Designer to manage My namespace extensions in your project. My namespace extensions enable you to customize the My namespace to add your own custom members. For information about creating custom My namespace extensions, see Extending the My Namespace in Visual Basic.

To access the My Extensions page, double-click My Project for your project node in Solution Explorer. When the Project Designer appears, click the My Extensions tab.

UIElement List

The following options enable you to add or remove My namespace extensions in your project. A My namespace extension must first be installed as a Visual Studio Item template to be available to be added. For information about publishing and installing My namespace extensions, see Packaging and Deploying Custom My Extensions.

My namespace extensions

This list shows all the My namespace extensions installed in the project.

Add Extension

Click this button to add an installed My namespace extension to your project. A list of all possible My namespace extensions will appear. Select the My namespace extension that you want to add to your project and click OK to add it.

Remove Extension

Select one or more references in the My namespace extensions list, and then click this button to remove the My namespace extension from the project.

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