/ProjectConfig (devenv.exe)


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Specifies a project build configuration to be applied when you build, clean, rebuild, or deploy the project named in the /project argument.


devenv SolutionName {/build|/clean|/rebuild|/deploy} SolnConfigName [/project ProjName] [/projectconfig ProjConfigName]  


Builds the project specified by /project ProjName.

Cleans all intermediary files and output directories created during a build.

Cleans then builds the project specified by /project ProjName.

Specifies that the project be deployed after a build or rebuild.

Required. The name of the solution configuration that will be applied to the solution named in SolutionName.

Required. The full path and name of the solution file.

/project ProjName
Optional. The path and name of a project file within the solution. You can enter a relative path from the SolutionName folder to the project file, or the project's display name, or the full path and name of the project file.

/projectconfig ProjConfigName
Optional. The name of a project build configuration to be applied to the /project named.


  • Must be used with the /project switch as part of a devenv /build, /clean, /rebuild, or /deploy command.

  • Enclose strings that include spaces in double quotation marks.

  • Summary information for builds, including errors, can be displayed in the Command window, or in any log file specified with the /out switch.


This example builds the project CSharpConsoleApp, using the Debug project build configuration within the Debug solution configuration of MySolution.

devenv "C:\Documents and Settings\someuser\My Documents\Visual Studio\Projects\MySolution\MySolution.sln" /build Debug /project "CSharpWinApp\CSharpWinApp.csproj" /projectconfig Debug   

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