Modify Visual Studio 2017 by adding or removing workloads and components

Not only have we made is easier for you to personalize Visual Studio to match the tasks you want to accomplish, we’ve also made it easier to customize Visual Studio, too. No more looking in Control Panel to do so; simply start the new Visual Studio Installer and make the changes you want.

Here's how.

Modify workloads

Workloads contain the features you need for the programming language or platform that you are using. Use workloads to modify Visual Studio so that it supports the work you want to do, when you want to do it.

  1. Find the Visual Studio Installer on your computer.

    For example, on a computer running Windows 10 Anniversary Update, select Start, and then scroll to the letter V, where you’ll see it listed as Visual Studio Installer.

    Visual Studio Installer


    On some computers, the Visual Studio Installer might be listed under the letter "M" as the Microsoft Visual Studio Installer.

  2. Click or tap to start the installer, and then select Modify.

    Launch or modify Visual Studio

  3. From the Workloads screen, select or deselect the workloads that you want to install or uninstall.

    Visual Studio 2017 Setup Dialog

  4. Click or tap Modify again.

  5. After the new workloads and components are installed, click Launch.

Modify individual components

If you don’t want to use the handy Workloads feature to customize your Visual Studio installation, choose the Individual Components option from the Visual Studio Installer, select what you want, and then follow the prompts.

Get support

Sometimes, things can go wrong. If your Visual Studio installation fails, see the Troubleshooting Visual Studio 2017 installation and upgrade failures KB article for troubleshooting tips.

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