Visual Studio enterprise guide

If you’re looking to save time while you're getting your company running on Visual Studio, start here. This enterprise guide includes tips that can help you install and update Visual Studio in common enterprise scenarios, get unblocked if you experience issues, and learn how to report a problem if you need more help.

Get started

Learn how to deploy Visual Studio to your enterprise in networked and offline environments.

Install Visual Studio

Learn how to install Visual Studio in common enterprise scenarios.

Update Visual Studio

Learn how to update Visual Studio successfully and fix update issues.

  • Apply Administrator Updates using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM). Learn about distributing Visual Studio feature, security, and quality updates through SCCM.

  • Update a network-based installation of Visual Studio. Update a network installation layout of Visual Studio with the latest product updates so that it can be used both as an installation point for the latest update of Visual Studio and also to maintain installations that are already deployed to client workstations.

  • Update Visual Studio while on a servicing baseline. Understand the value in updating on a baseline and learn the difference between minor releases and servicing updates.

  • Update Visual Studio using a minimal offline layout. For computers that are not connected to the internet, creating a minimal layout is the easiest and fastest way to update your offline Visual Studio instances.

  • Repair Visual Studio to fix update issues. Sometimes your Visual Studio installation becomes damaged or corrupted. A repair is useful for fixing install-time issues across all install operations, including updates.

  • Follow Windows security baselines. Microsoft is dedicated to providing its customers with secure operating systems, such as Windows 10 and Windows Server, and secure apps, such as Microsoft Edge. In addition to the security assurance of its products, Microsoft also enables you to have fine control over your environments by providing various configuration capabilities.

Get support

Sometimes, things can go wrong. If your Visual Studio installation fails, see Troubleshoot Visual Studio installation and upgrade issues for step-by-step guidance.

We also offer an installation chat (English only) support option for installation-related issues.

Here are a few more support options:

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