Editor themes

Editor themes can be changed to any of the 10 color schemes provided by default in Visual Studio for Mac via the Visual Studio > Preferences > Text Editor > Color Themes menu options:

Color Theme Selection

Adding new themes

New color themes can be added, provided they are in one of the supported formats:

  • Visual Studio (.vssettings)
  • Xamarin Studio (.json)
  • TextMate (.tmTheme)

Once you have found or created a new theme and downloaded it to your local machine, add it by doing the following steps:

  1. Select the Add button on the Color Themes Option dialog: Color Theme Add
  2. Browse for the theme on your local machine and press Open.
  3. The theme is added to the bottom of the pre-installed list of themes. To preview the theme, select it: Color Theme Preview
  4. To apply the theme, press the Okay button.