Install a preview version of Visual Studio for Mac

Before a new version of Visual Studio for Mac is officially released, it's available as a preview. The preview release gives you a chance to try out new features and get the latest bug fixes before they are fully incorporated into the product.

Preview releases of Visual Studio for Mac are distributed as an update, rather than through a separate download. Visual Studio for Mac has two updater channels, as described in the update article: Stable and Preview.

Most preview releases will be available through both the Preview channel, but always check the Preview Release Notes for the most accurate information.

To install the preview of Visual Studio for Mac, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Visual Studio > Check for Updates.
  2. In the Update channel combo box, select Preview.
  3. Select the Switch channel button to switch to the selected channel and start downloading any new updates.
  4. Select the Restart and Install Updates button to start installing the updates.

For more information on updating in Visual Studio for Mac, see the update article.