Property element (MSBuild)

Contains a user defined property name and value. Every property used in an MSBuild project must be specified as a child of a PropertyGroup element.

<Project> <PropertyGroup>


<Property Condition="'String A' == 'String B'">
    Property Value

Attributes and elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
Condition Optional attribute.

Condition to be evaluated. For more information, see Conditions.

Child elements


Parent elements

Element Description
PropertyGroup Grouping element for properties.

Text value

A text value is optional.

This text specifies the property value and may contain XML.


Property names are limited to ASCII chars only. Property values are referenced in the project by placing the property name between "$(" and ")". For example, $(builddir)\classes would resolve to build\classes, if the builddir property had the value build. For more information on properties, see MSBuild properties.


The following code sets the Optimization property to false and the DefaultVersion property to 1.0 if the Version property is empty.

    <DefaultVersion Condition="'$(Version)' == ''" >1.0</DefaultVersion>

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