Debug XSLT


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You can use the Visual Studio debugger to debug XSLT. The debugger supports setting breakpoints, viewing XSLT execution states, and so on. XSLT debugging is available in Visual Studio Professional edition.

In This Section

How to: Start Debugging XSLT
Describes how to start the XSLT debugger.

How to: Use Breakpoints with XSLT
Describes how to use breakpoints within a style sheet.

How to: Evaluate an XPath Expression
Describes how to evaluate an XPath expression using the QuickWatch dialog box.

Walkthrough: Debug an XSLT Style Sheet
Demonstrates how to debug an XSLT style sheet.

XSLT Default Templates
Describes how the XSLT debugger handles default templates.

Debugger User Interface (XSLT)
Describes the XSLT Debugger windows and dialog boxes.

XSLT Profiler
Describes how to access the XSLT Profiler.

Editing XSLT Style Sheets
Discusses using the XML Editor to edit style sheets.

Security Considerations when Working with XML Data
Discusses security issues that you need to know about when working the XML Editor or the XSLT debugger.

Debugging in Visual Studio
Introduces the Visual Studio debugger.

XSLT Reference
Provides reference material for XSLT elements and functions.