Manage topic discovery in Microsoft Viva Topics

You can manage topic discovery settings in the Microsoft 365 admin center. You must be a global administrator or SharePoint administrator to perform these tasks.

To access topics management settings:

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, click Settings, then Org settings.

  2. On the Services tab, click Topic experiences.

    Connect people to knowledge.

  3. Select the Topic discovery tab. See the following sections for information about each setting.


Select SharePoint topic sources

You can change the SharePoint sites in your organization that will be crawled for topics.

If you want to include or exclude a specific list of sites, you can use the following .csv template:

Site name,URL

If you add sites using the site picker, they are added to the existing list of sites to include or exclude. If you upload a .csv file, it overwrites any existing list. If you have previously included or excluded specific sites, you and download the list as a .csv file, make changes, and upload the new list.

To choose sites for topic discovery

  1. On the Topic discovery tab, under Select SharePoint topic sources, select Edit.

  2. On the Select SharePoint topic sources page, select which SharePoint sites will be crawled as sources for your topics during discovery. This includes:

    • All sites: All SharePoint sites in your tenant. This captures current and future sites.
    • All, except selected sites: Type the names of the sites you want to exclude. You can also upload a list of sites you want to opt out from discovery. Sites created in the future will be included as sources for topic discovery.
    • Only selected sites: Type the names of the sites you want to include. You can also upload a list of sites. Sites created in the future will not be included as sources for topic discovery.
    • No sites: Topics won't be automatically generated or updated with SharePoint content. Existing topics remain in the topic center.

    Screenshot of SharePoint topic sources user interface.

  3. Click Save.

Exclude topics by name

You can exclude topics from discovery by uploading a list using a .csv file. If you've previously excluded topics, you can download the .csv, make changes, and upload it again.

  1. On the Topic discovery tab, under Exclude topics, select Edit.

  2. Click Exclude topics by name.

  3. If you need to create a list, download the .csv template and add the topics that you want to exclude (see Working with the .csv template below). When the file is ready, click Browse and upload the file. If there's an existing list, you can download the .csv containing the list.

  4. Click Save.

    Screenshot of exclude topics user interface.

Working with the .csv template

You can copy the csv template below:

Name (required),Expansion,MatchType- Exact/Partial (required)

In the CSV template, enter the following information about the topics you want to exclude:

  • Name: Type the name of the topic you want to exclude. There are two ways to do this:

    • Exact match: You can exclude the exact name or acronym (for example, Contoso or ATL).
    • Partial match: You can exclude all topics that have a specific word in it. For example, arc will exclude all topics with the word arc in it, such as Arc circle, Plasma arc welding, or Training arc. Note that it will not exclude topics in which the text is included as part of a word, such as Architecture.
  • Stands for (optional): If you want to exclude an acronym, type the words the acronym stands for.

  • MatchType-Exact/Partial: Type whether the name you entered was an exact or partial match type.

    Exclude topics in CSV template.

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