Cloud Solution Providers: set up billing for your customers for VSTS and Visual Studio


Partners in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can purchase VSTS, Visual Studio cloud subscriptions, and Xamarin University for their customers via the Partner Center.

Get started:

  • Partners need to have the appropriate permissions role to purchase in the Partner Center. Learn more about roles in Partner Center.
  • Set up a customer and CSP-based Azure subscription in the Partner Center by following these steps:

Customer set up steps from video

  1. Sign in to your Partner Center account.
  2. On the Dashboard, choose Add new customer, or add a new customer from the Customers page. Provide the customer's details and advance to the customer's subscriptions.
  3. Add an Azure subscription, which the marketplace uses for billing. Customers can have as many Azure subscriptions as needed. Choose Add subscription and then Microsoft Azure to add more.
  4. Review your order and Submit.

New subscriptions will initially have the subscription name "Microsoft Azure", so be sure to give subscriptions appropriate nicknames. Simply choose the subscription name, enter a new subscription nickname, and submit.

Now you're ready to buy Visual Studio. To purchase Visual Studio for a customer, choose the appropriate customer and then choose service management. If you haven't added an Azure subscription for the customer, the Visual Studio Marketplace and Manage Visual Studio Subscriptions links won't appear.

The Visual Studio Marketplace is where you go to purchase Visual Studio cloud subscriptions and VSTS resources for your customers. Choose Manage Visual Studio Subscriptions to assign subscriptions you've already purchased for your customer's end user. You can also delete existing assigned subscriptions or reassign them to a different user.

Converting your customers from other Azure billing to CSP

If your customer has been buying VSTS, Visual Studio cloud subscriptions, or Xamarin University directly through Microsoft and wants to transition to paying through you as a CSP, here's what they'll need to do:

  1. Reduce paid quantities to zero.
  2. Inform you of the ongoing paid quanties of each service and product to start billing on the first day of the next calendar month. In the case of Visual Studio annual cloud subscriptions, the customer should provide you with the month (or months) to start purchases of these subscriptions so that they can continue coverage from the point it will expire from their existing annual cloud subscription purchases.

For VSTS, see additional details about buying VSTS through CSP.

Converting your customers from CSP billing

If your customer chooses to stop buying VSTS, Visual Studio cloud subscriptions, or Xamarin University through you as a CSP, you will need to reduce the paid quantities to zero so that there will be no renewal charges when these purchases expire. Most purchases--VSTS users, Test Manager, Package Management, Visual Studio monthly cloud subscriptions, and Xamarin University--are valid through the end of the calendar month. With Visual Studio annual cloud subscriptions, they are valid for a year from purchase. Make sure to keep the Azure subscription used for
making the purchases active until all the purchases have expired. Canceling the Azure subscription earlier would interrupt the customer's use of the purchases.

How to look up CSP pricing

To view VSTS, Visual Studio cloud subscription, and Xamarin University pricing for CSP partners, log into the Partner Center. Choose Pricing and offers from the left nav. Choose the current month pricing file under usage-based services in the upper right. Once the Excel spreadsheet downloads, go to the Azure Price List sheet, and filter the Meter Category column to Visual Studio.


Partners purchase VSTS, Visual Studio cloud subscriptions, and Xamarin University in the CSP program through the Partner Center. At this time, there is no API for automation.