View and update work items via the mobile browser

VSTS | TFS 2018


Feature availability: The mobile browser is available for VSTS and TFS 2018 and later versions. To sign up for VSTS, go to VSTS. To download TFS 2018, see the TFS 2018 Release Notes. The mobile browser is not an app, but a mobile view into select features of VSTS. There is nothing to download. You access the mobile browser by clicking a link from a work item you receive in your mobile email application.

With the mobile browser and work item form, you gain on-the-go features to stay on top of the latest updates made to work tracking. When you click any work item link on your mobile device, it will open a mobile-friendly version of the work item. From there, you can update the work item or access all work items assigned to you or that you're following.

Mobile work item form

Open the mobile work item form

The mobile work item form will open when you click View work item from an email you receive from your mobile device. You'll receive this type of email under these circumstances:

  • Changes were made to a work item you're following
  • You were @mentioned in a discussion
  • A notification is sent based on the work item alerts you've set using Manage personal notifications.

Email received in your mobile client

Update a work item

Within the mobile form, you can do almost everything you can do from the web portal form. Here are the actions you can take in the order they appear in the mobile form:

  • Add and remove tags
  • View and add to the discussion, click on the comment to add to the discussion
  • View and update any field within the form (Assign to, State, Area, Iteration, Description, and more)
  • View and open a link within the Development section
  • View History
  • View and open a link from the Links tab
  • Open and add an attachment from the Attachments tab

Actions not available to you:

  • You can't initiate a development operation
  • You can't add a link

Interact with mobile form controls

Mobile form controls operate as follows:

  • Click any field to edit it and the form changes to a full-screen experience. For example, some of the most common actions such as changing the state of an item, moving to a different area path, adding an attachment, and creating/removing tags are all supported.
  • When done, click the return icon return option.
  • Remember to click the save icon save icon to save your changes!

Update status (change State)

To update the state, click the state you want.

Mobile work item form, Change State action

Add or remove tags

To add a tag, type the text you want.

Mobile work item form, Add or remove tags

View history

Click the History tab to view history.

Mobile work item form, View history

View and open work items in your activity lists

From within the mobile work item form, you can access your account Work items hub. The mobile hub allows you to view and open work items which fall into these categories:

  • Assigned to me: lists all work items assigned to you
  • Following: lists all work items that you have elected to follow
  • My activity: lists all work items that you have recently viewed or updated.

The lists available from each page span all team projects that you work in.

To access a list, first click the list control from the work item form you've opened.

Click the list icon

Then, click Work items.

Click Work items

The hub opens to the Assigned to me page. From there, you can click Following or My activity to access the other pages. To learn more about the account hub, see Work effectively from your account hub.

Mobile work item form, Change State action

Additional experiences are in the works to improve and expand on the mobile experience. For more information, see the blog post: The mobile work item form (preview).

Provide feedback for the mobile experience

Help us improve the mobile experience.

To provide feedback, click the list control from the work item form and then click Send Feedback. To complete the feedback, select either the smile or frown and optionally enter a comment.

Mobile work item form, Send feedback