View wiki page history and revert

VSTS | TFS 2018

The Revisions page provides a convenient way to get details of the changes made to a wiki page.

View wiki page revision history

  1. To view the revision history of a page, click the Revisions link provided on each page. You can also click on View revisions in the context menu of a page.

    Open revision history

  2. Revision pages show who made the change along with the revision message, date, and version or commit ID. To view details of a revision, click the message or version link.

    Open revision history

  3. Similar to any git file revision, the revision details page provides a side-by-side diff view or the inline diff view. You can also click Preview to view the content of the page as of the specific revision.

    Wiki revision details for a page

  4. You can use the breadcrumbs to return to the page or the revisions of the page.

Revert a commit

Mistakes can happen while updating a wiki page. You can conveniently revert a revision and undo changes done on a wiki page. You can click on the Revert button on the revision details page to revert a change on a wiki page.

Wiki revision details for a page