Marketplace support

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Q: How do I get support for the Visual Studio Marketplace?

A: Depending on the support you need:

Q: Can I use an Enterprise Agreement to buy from the Visual Studio Marketplace?

A: Yes, please buy directly from the Visual Studio Marketplace where you can bill purchases to the Azure subscription that was created under your Enterprise Agreement (EA). Don't order Visual Studio Marketplace services through your reseller.

Q: How can I tell whether I have the necessary privileges to buy services in the Visual Studio Marketplace through my organization's Enterprise Agreement?

A: The easiest approach to determine if you have the right privileges is to click the Buy button for a service offered in the Visual Studio Marketplace. You need to select an Azure subscription (which is a billing account) from a presented list of Azure subscriptions that are currently linked to your login. Because the name of the Azure subscription defaults to the type of billing account ("Pay-As-You-Go", "Enterprise Agreement", etc.), it is often clear if the Azure subscription is part of your Enterprise Agreement.

Another approach is to attempt to visit the Azure Enterprise Portal. If you can reach it successfully, then you already have either the Enterprise Admin or the Account Owner role. Only Account Owners can set up new Azure billing accounts in an Enterprise Agreement. If you cannot access the Azure Enterprise Portal, then please inquire within your organization to find out who your Enterprise Admin is, and ask that person to add you as an Account Owner within the Azure Enterprise Portal. If you are unable to find this person, you can submit a support ticket and request the contact information. You need your organization's name and your Enterprise Agreement enrollment number for the support ticket.