Discover extensions in the Marketplace

The Visual Studio Marketplace provides support for the following:

  • Discover and install extensions for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Team Foundation Server (TFS), and Visual Studio Code
  • Purchase subscriptions for Visual Studio, HockeyApp, Xamarin University
  • Purchase pay-for-usage extensions, such as Test Manager and Package Management (these extensions are assigned to specific users).



This documentation focuses on extensions, to find documentation on subscriptions, check out the billing documentation.

What are extensions

An extension is an installable unit that contributes new capabilities into Visual Studio, VSTS, Team Foundation Server, or Visual Studio Code. You can find extensions from within these product or from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Extending VSTS is the easiest way for users to get the most out of their devops environment. The Visual Studio Marketplace is home to hundreds of extensions that can be installed to help with:

  • Planning and tracking of work items, sprints, scrums, etc.
  • Build and release flows
  • Code testing and tracking
  • Collaboration amongst team members

Adding extensions to your VSTS account is incredibly easy:

  1. Search and find extensions for your account in the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  2. Install the extension from the Marketplace and start using it in VSTS. You can install them with a few clicks. You must have administrative permissions to upload or install extensions.

Get or build extensions

Product Topics
VSTS Get extensions for VSTS
Develop extensions for VSTS
Team Foundation Server Get extensions for TFS
Develop extensions for Team Foundation Server
Visual Studio Get extensions for Visual Studio
Develop extensions for Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code Get extensions for Visual Studio Code
Develop extensions for Visual Studio Code

Free extensions

There are many free extensions available in the Marketplace, too numerous to list. However, the following extensions are listed as they quickly add a lot of value and are easily installed.

Browse the Marketplace to find additional extensions you want to install.

Billing for paid extensions

Along with free extensions, there are also paid extensions in the Marketplace.

Check out our billing documentation to find out how to pay for extensions.