Add AD/Azure AD users or groups to a built-in security group

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As described in About security and identity, there are two main types of built-in security groups: project-level and collection-level. In general, you add user accounts and groups to a project-level group such as Contributors and Readers. For users that will need to administrate select features and functions, you add them or associated groups to the Build Administrators or Project Administrators group.

Review Default permissions and access to gain insight into the default permissions provided to the built-in, project-level security groups.

In this topic you'll learn how to:

  • Add an AD/Azure AD user or group to a built-in security group

The method for adding a user or group to a built-in security group is the same, no matter at what level you add them.

Add an AD/Azure AD user or group to a built-in security group

  1. Open the web portal and choose the team project where you want to add users or groups. Click the gear icon gear icon to open the administrative context.

    VSTS, TFS 2017, Team Project hub, Click gear icon to open the Admin context

  2. Open the Security page and under the Groups section, choose one of the following:

    • To add users who will require read-only access to the project, choose Readers.
    • To add users who will contribute fully to this project or who have been granted stakeholder access, choose Contributors.
    • For users who will need to administrate the project, choose Project Administrators.

      If you are adding a user to VSTS for the first time, see Add account users for VSTS.

  3. Next, click the Members tab.

    Here we choose the Contributors group.

    Admin context, Security page, Contributors group, Membership page

    By default, the default team group and all other teams you add to the team project are included as members of the Contributors group. So, you can choose to add a new user as a member of a team instead, and the user would automatically inherit Contributor permissions.

  4. Click gear iconAdd to add a user or a user group.

  5. Type the name of the user account into the text box. You can type several identities into the text box, separated by commas. The system will automatically search for matches. Click the match(es) that meets your choice.

    Add users and group dialog


    The first time you add a user or group to VSTS or TFS, you can't browse to it or check the friendly name. After the identity has been added, you can just type the friendly name.

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