Keyboard shortcuts

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You can use the keyboard shortcuts listed in this topic when you work within Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), the web portal for Team Foundation Server (TFS), or Team Explorer. In addition to these shortcuts, you can assign your own shortcuts in Visual Studio from the Tools/Options/Environment/Keyboard page.


Feature availability: Some keyboard shortcuts are only available from the cloud service or from an on-premises deployment. These are annotated as follows:

  • VSTS - VSTS (cloud service)
  • TFS - Team Foundation Server (on-premises)

Global and hub-specific


Feature availability: The following shortcuts are available from the web portal for VSTS and TFS 2015.2 and later versions.

Type ? to access the Global and hub-specific shortcuts. Hub-specific shortcuts only work when in the specific hub.

For example, type g c to open the Code hub, and then type c p to create a pull request. These navigation shortcuts work as long as the focus is not on an input control.


  ?   Show shortcuts
  p   Projects and teams
  s   Search
f,n   Focus next section
f,p   Focus previous section
g,b   Go to build
g,c   Go to code
g,h   Go to home
g,k   Go to wiki
g,s   Go to settings
g,t   Go to test
g,w   Go to work


    b   Open branches (Git)
    c   Open changesets (TFVC)
    e   Open explorer
    h   Open history (Git)
    q   Open pull requests (Git)
  c,p   Create pull request (Git)
    r   Select repository (Git)
    v   Open shelvesets (TFVC)

File Explorer

    1     Open contents
    2     Open history
  c,b     Create branch
    t     Path
    w     Select branch


  b  Open board
  i  Open current iteration
  l  Open backlog
  q  Open queries
  t  Open task board
  z  Toggle full screen


  r  Refresh query
  j  Select next item
  k  Select previous item
c,q  New query


     j    Select next item
     k    Select previous item
Ctrl+j    Move item up
Ctrl+k    Move item down
Ctrl+Home Move item to top

   m,b    Move item to backlog
   m,i    Move item to current iteration
   m,n    Move item to to next iteration

   Ins    Create child
     f    Filter by text
     n    Open new panel
     r    Show/hide parents


    c     Add new child item
    e     Show/hide empty fields
    f     Filter by text
    n     Add new item
    o     Expand all swimlanes
    u     Collapse all swimlanes
   Up/Down arrow    Move focus up/down
    F2     Rename item
Home         Select first item
Enter         Open item
Ctrl+Up arrow       Move item up
Ctrl+Down arrow       Move item down
Ctrl+Home     Move item to top of column
Ctrl+End      Move item to bottom of column
Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow Move item to swimlane above
Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow Move item to swimlane below
Shift+Pageup   Select first/next swimlane above Shift+Pagedown Select last/next swimlane below


  h  Open machines
  m  Open shared parameters
  n  Open test plans
  r  Open runs

Test plan

     1   Open tests
     2   Open charts
     e   Execute tests
   t,b   Mark selected tests as blocked
   t,f   Fail selected tests
   t,n   Mark selected tests as NA
   t,p   Pass selected tests
   t,r   Reset tests to active
   v,g   View grid


     1    View parameter set grid
     2    View parameter WIT form
   c,s    Add parameter set
   c,t    Add test case
   v,t    Toggle test cases pane

Test runs

     1    Test runs
     2    Filter

Web portal

You can use these keyboard shortcuts when working in the web portal whether connected to VSTS or TFS.


Ctrl+Alt,a   Move focus to admin link admin link
Ctrl+Alt,h   Move focus to help link help link
Ctrl+Alt,s   Move focus to search box
Ctrl+Alt,Down arrow  Move focus to next section
Ctrl+Alt,Up arrow  Move focus to previous section

Navigate within lists

Tab         Move focus
Left/right arrow          Move focus left/right
Up/Down arrow          Move focus up/down
Ctrl+Home   Move focus to top of list
Ctrl+End    Move focus to bottom of list
Ctrl+Up/Down arrow     Move item up/down within list
ShiftUp/Down arrow     Highlight consecutive items
Menu        Open context menu
Esc         Dismiss context menu
Left/right arrow          Move focus left/right
Up/Down arrow          Move focus up/down
Enter       Choose selected menu item

Work item form

You can use the following shortcuts to format text, cut, copy, and paste text within a work item form, and to save the work item.

Format text

  • Ctrl+b  Bold text
  • Ctrl+i  Italicize text
  • Ctrl+u  Underscore text

  • VSTS
  • Ctrl+Spacebar Clear formatting

Copy and paste

  • Ctrl+c  Copy text
  • Ctrl+v  Paste copied text

Save and close

  • Ctrl+s      Save changes
  • Ctrl+Enter  Save and close
  • Esc         Close work item

Use these shortcuts when working in Team Explorer. You can use query results shortcuts whenever you have a list of work items, such as the query results view or a list of linked work items within a work item form.


Ctrl+0,a   Open web portal
Ctrl+0,b   Open Build
Ctrl+0,c   Open Connect
Ctrl+0,d   Open Documents
Ctrl+0,e   Open Branches (Git)
Ctrl+0,g   Open Changes (Git)
Ctrl+0,h   Open Home
Ctrl+0,m   Open My Work (TFVC)
Ctrl+0,p   Open Pending changes (TFVC)
Ctrl+0,r   Open Reports
Ctrl+0,s   Open Settings
Ctrl+0,w   Open Work items

Ctrl+'     Move focus to search box
Alt+0      Move focus to to top of page
Alt+1…9    Move focus to visible section [1 thru 9]
Alt+Up/Down arrow     Move focus to next/previous section

Context menu

Down arrow           Open a context menu
Esc          Dismiss a context menu
Left/right arrow           Move focus left/right
Up/Down arrow           Move focus up/down
Enter        Choose Context menu

Work item commands

Alt+m,g      Open work item
Alt+m,i      Add a work item
Alt+m,q      Add a query
Shift+Alt,c  Copy selected work item
Shift+Alt,l  Link to new work item
Enter        Open selected work item

Query editor

Left/right arrow         Move focus left/right
Up/Down arrow         Move focus up/down
Enter      Move focus down
Tab        Move focus right, one field at a time
Shift+Left/right arrow   Move focus left/right one field at a time
End        Move focus to end of current clause

Ctrl+c     Copy selected clause
Ctrl+s     Save changes (editor or results)
Ctrl+v     Paste copied clause
Shift+Up/Down arrow   Highlight consecutive clauses
Del        Delete contents of current field or clause

Query results

F5           Refresh
Shift+Up/Down arrow     Highlight consecutive rows
Shift+Alt,n  Move focus to next item
Shift+Alt,p  Move focus to previous item
Home         Move focus to top of list
End          Move focus to bottom of list

+/-          Expand/collapse current row
PgUp/PgDn    Scroll up/down
Left/right arrow           Scroll left/right
Enter        Open selected work item
Ctrl+s       Save changes

Install Team Explorer

Team Explorer is a plug-in to Visual Studio. By installing the free Visual Studio Community or other Visual Studio version, you gain access to Team Explorer.

Learn more about working in Team Explorer.