Example reports for Power BI Data Connector



Feature availability: The Analytics Marketplace extension is available to all VSTS accounts and provides access to several useful
widgets, such as Cumulative Flow, Velocity, and Lead and Cycle Time. The Analytics OData endpoint, which provides a concise model over the VSTS suite for Work Item Tracking, Test, Version Control, and
Build, is in a closed preview and only available to select VSTS customers at this time.

If you are looking for information about the Azure Analysis Services, see Azure Analysis Services or What is Azure Analysis Services?.

Steps are provided to support generating the following example reports:

Prior to generating these reports, you must first connect to the Analytics Services for VSTS using the Power BI data connector.


Use the search box if you are working with tables that contain many columns.

Number of Work Items

  1. Load Work Items - Today table with columns: Work Item Count.

  2. Select Card visual.

  3. Search for Work Item Count and drag it to the Fields.

Number of Bugs by Area Path and Priority

  1. Load Work Items - Today table with columns: Area Path, Priority, Work Item Count, Work Item Type.

  2. Select Matrix visual.

  3. Search for Area Path and drag it to Rows.

  4. Search for Priority and drag it to Columns.

  5. Search for Work Item Count and drag it to Values.

  6. Search for Work Item Type, drag it to Visual level filters and select Bugs.