Share information using the project portal

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Excel reports, Reporting Services reports, and SharePoint dashboards are only supported for on-premises TFS. For information on what is supported for VSTS, see Dashboards, charts, & widgets.

TFS 2018 and later versions no longer support native integration with SharePoint products. If you're planning to upgrade to TFS 2018, read About SharePoint integration to learn about the options available to you.

Teams use project portals to share information and support how their team works. If you install TFS with a configuration that includes SharePoint Products and you created a project portal when you created your team project, your team project is configured with a SharePoint site for the project portal.

Open the project portal

  1. From Team Explorer, open the documents page.

    Git TFVC
    Team Explorer Home page with Git as source control Team Explorer Home page w/ TFVC as source control

    If you don't see the documents icon, your team project is not configured with a SharePoint site. To learn how to configure a SharePoint site for your team project, see Configure or add a project portal.

  2. Show the project portal.

    Show Project Portal link on Documents page

    From the web portal, choose the Go to project portal from the home page or a dashboard which contains the Other links widget.

    The link opens to the Project, Progress, or Release dashboard, depending on your SharePoint site configuration and the process template used to create your team project.

    To learn more about SharePoint dashboards, see Project portal dashboards.

    If you can't open the portal, you need to be added to a permissions group in SharePoint.

Q: What artifacts are available with a SharePoint project portal?

A: The artifacts you'll have access to depend on the process template created with your team project. For an overview of the artifacts available with the default process templates, see Choose a process.

Q: How do I access process guidance?

A: If your team project is configured with a SharePoint site for its project portal, you can access process guidance from the work item forms in Team Explorer. Choose the Open process guidance for work item process guidance icon or press F1. These links access information contained in the Documents Support folder.

From the web portal, you can access process guidance from the home page or a dashboard

When you choose the Open process guidance for work item process guidance icon that appears in the work item forms in Team Explorer, a web browser opens and the page that's defined in the process guidance support file for the corresponding work item type is displayed. If you have not configured your team project with a project portal, or you haven't uploaded the process guidance support files to the project portal, then this link will be inactive.

You can redirect process guidance to your custom content.

Q: How do I add a project portal to my team project? How do I enable process guidance?

A: If you want to specify an existing website as your team project's portal or support process guidance, see Configure a project portal.


If you add another type of website, the links to open the project portal from the web portal and Team Explorer don't appear. Also, the Documents page doesn't appear in Team Explorer.

A: If you have a SharePoint site already configured with Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint, see Configure a project portal.

If you need to install a SharePoint product first, see Manually install SharePoint products for Team Foundation Server.

Q: Can I customize the process guidance?

A: Yes. See Configure or redirect process guidance.

Q: Do you want more information about SharePoint site features?

A: See the SharePoint Online Tutorial.