Troubleshoot a service hooks issue

View activity and debug problems

The Service Hooks tab in the web access admin shows your the recent activity (last 14 days) for each subscription, and whether a subscription is enabled, disabled, or restricted.

Detailed history about a subscription can be accessed, as well as detailed request/response data (useful for debugging a problematic service or subscription).

  1. To view the activity and status of your subscriptions, go to the Service Hooks tab.

    View the activity

  2. To view detailed activity for a subscription, including full request, response, and event payload data, select a subscription in the table and click History.

    View detailed activity for a subscriptions


Q: What does the status Enabled (restricted) mean?

A: A subscription becomes restricted if too many failures occur.

Q: What should I try if a service hook is not working?

A: Check these:

  • Confirm the subscription is enabled.

  • Confirm the subscription settings are correct (both event filters and actions).

  • Look at the History, especially if there are failures.

Q: Can I grant a regular project user the ability to view and manage service hook subscriptions for a project?

A: Use tfssecurity.exe from the command line, for example:

` tfssecurity /a+ /collection: ServiceHooks PublisherSecurity/abcdef00-abcd-0000-0000-abcdef000000 EditSubscriptions ALLOW

Note: The GUID represents the team project ID which can be retrieved using the Projects REST API.

Q: Can I programmatically create subsciptions?

A: Yes, use REST APIs.