Definition of Done

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As your team updates the status of work as it progresses from one stage to the next, it helps that they agree on what “done” means. By specifying the Definition of Done criteria for each Kanban column, you help share the essential tasks to complete before moving an item into a downstream stage.

Also, you'll have implemented one of the core Kanban tenets: make processes and policies explicit.

When set, team members can quickly double-check the done criteria.

Definition of Done

If you're just getting started, review Kanban basics to get an overview of how to access your board and implement Kanban.

Specify the Definition of Done for a column

  1. From your Kanban board, click settings icon and as needed, click Columns.

    Kanban board, open common configuration settings

    If you're not a team administrator, get added as one. Only team or project administrators can customize the Kanban board.

  2. Open the Definition of Done for the column that applies to the criteria you'll enter. You can specify the Definition of Done for each intermediate column on your team's Kanban board.

    VSTS and TFS 2015.1 and later versions
    Click a column tab and enter the Definition of Done for that column. Enter text that defines your team's Definition of Done.

    Kanban board, Coding column tab, Definition of done]

    TFS 2015

    Edit Definition

    Enter text that defines your team's Definition of Done.

    Definition Text

  3. Team members can quickly check that they have met the criteria by clicking the Information tooltip Info Icon icon.

See these choices for further options to customize the Kanban board: