Customizations for desktop devices

You have the following options to customize your image. Depending on which options you’d like to use, you’ll employ the associated method or choice of methods to apply the customization.

Feature Unattend Modification file







Dark mode



In this section

These are some common ways to customize your desktop device. You will also find the tecnical reference for Unattend and WSIM.

Topic Description

Customize the taskbar

You can pin up to three additional apps to the taskbar by adding a taskbar layout modification file, for example, TaskbarLayoutModification.xml. You can specify different taskbar configurations based on SKU, device locale, or region.

Set dark mode

This personalization setting for end users allows them to express preference whether to see applications which support the setting in a dark or light mode. Many Microsoft first party applications apply the setting and it is easy for you to support the functionality in your UWP applications as well.

Customize the Country and Operator Settings Asset

When a SIM is inserted in a COSA-enabled Windows-based device, the provisioning framework attempts to establish a cellular connection by searching for the matching profile and APN in COSA.

Windows SIM Technical Reference

Settings reference for Windows System Image Manager.

Unattended Windows Setup Reference

Settings reference for Unattend.

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