The Microsoft-Windows-RemoteAssistance-Exe component enables a user with a computer problem to receive assistance from another person who is located elsewhere. The helper can be a friend or a support professional. In the corporate environment, the helper is usually an employee receiving help from the corporate IT helpdesk. In the home environment, the user is often receiving help from a friend or a family member who is a power user and is remotely located.

To enable remote assistance, you must configure the Windows Firewall. Use the FirstLogonCommands setting to create a command that configures Windows Firewall. Use Netsh to enable Remote Assistance. For example,

netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="Remote Assistance" new enable=yes

In This Section

Setting Description
CreateEncryptedOnlyTickets Specifies whether only encrypted tickets are created.
fAllowToGetHelp Specifies that a user can request help from a friend or a support professional.
fAllowFullControl Specifies that a friend or a support professional can take control of the computer of the person requesting assistance.
MaxTicketExpiry Specifies the maximum amount of time that a ticket can live.
MaxTicketExpiryUnits Specifies the units for the maximum amount of time that a ticket can live.

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