This setting has been deprecated. The information about this deprecated setting is provided for reference only. The Wi-Fi Sense credential sharing feature has been removed.

Specifies settings that you can configure for the Wi-Fi Sense feature.

Wi-Fi Sense automatically connects you to Wi-Fi so you can get online quickly in more places. It can connect you to open Wi-Fi hotspots that it knows about through crowdsourcing, or to Wi-Fi networks that your contacts have shared with you by using Wi-Fi Sense.

Wi-Fi Sense can discover your device location even when location is turned off for your user account. This is true whenever Wi-Fi Sense is turned on. Wi-Fi Sense uses your location to find suggested open Wi-Fi hotspots.

Child elements

Setting Description
DefaultAutoConnectSharedState If enabled, the OOBE Wi-Fi Sense checkbox to share networks with contacts will be checked.
WiFiSharingFacebookInitial Controls how Wi-Fi networks are shared with the user's Facebook contacts.
WiFiSharingOutlookInitial Controls how Wi-Fi networks are shared with the user's Outlook contacts.
WiFiSharingSkypeInitial Controls how Wi-Fi networks are shared with the user's Skype contacts.

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