Windows updates during OOBE

Critical driver updates, and critical Windows zero-day patch (ZDP) updates, will begin downloading automatically during OOBE after the user has Connected to a network. The user can't opt-out of these critical updates as they are required for the device to operate properly. Windows will alert the user that the device is checking for, and applying, the updates:

Windows checking for critical ZDP updates during oobe

A user can choose to download non-critical Windows updates at the end of OOBE. If a newer version of Windows is available than the version that shipped with the device, the user will see the Your PC has an update waiting page.

Your PC has an update waiting

This page informs the user of the size of the update, and warns that internet access fees may apply. If the user clicks the Update button to opt-in to the download, the new version of Windows will begin downloading.

Windows Update during OOBE experience

The user can choose Go to my desktop while my PC updates to get to their desktop and begin using their new device. The update will continue downloading in the background.

Windows Update during OOBE desktop experience

The size of the update, and the user's network conditions, will determine the download time.

If the user does not download non-critical Windows Updates during OOBE, they can download them at any time of their choosing once they reach the desktop from the Settings app.