Apply OEM updates to UWF-protected devices

To apply OEM updates on a Unified Write Filter (UWF)-protected Windows 10 device, you can modify the UPDATE_SUCCESS block of UWF master servicing script (UwfServicingMasterScript.cmd) to call a custom OEM script that applies any required OEM updates. The OEM script should return control back to the UWF Master Servicing Script when finished.

The UWF Master Servicing Script (UwfServicingMasterScript.cmd) is located in the \Windows\System32 folder.

UPDATE_SUCCESS (UwfServicingMasterScript.cmd)

The UPDATE_SUCCESS block of the UWF master servicing script follows:

echo UpdateAgent returned success.
REM echo UpdateAgent executing OEM script
REM OEM can call their custom scripts
REM at this point through a "call".
REM The OEM script should hand control
REM back to this script once it’s done.
REM Any error recovery for OEM script
REM should be handled outside of this script
REM post a reboot.
uwfmgr servicing disable
echo Restarting system

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