Reporting Rate

This is to test the contact reporting rate of a Windows Touchscreen device.

Test names

  • ReportingRateOneContact.json
  • ReportingRateFiveContacts.json
  • ReportingRateMaxContacts.json

Associated compatibility requirements

Device.Input.Digitizer.Touch.ReportRate Test purpose

Verifies that a Windows Touchscreen device correctly reports physical contact at a rate greater than, or equal to the display refresh rate. Tools required

PT3 Running the test

A packet rate that is equal to, or greater than the display rate will ensure that no visual glitches appear when using the touchscreen. A high packet rate helps ensure smooth, fluid motion, and it supports the feeling that the user interface (UI) is connected to the user's finger. The input rate data and the increased data throughput both improve gesture recognition.

This test includes four separate reporting rate scenarios that are distinguished by single and multiple contacts and stationary contact versus motion. In each scenario, the test validates that the minimum reporting rate is maintained for each contact (and specifically not just the average reporting rate).

Command syntax

Logo3.exe -config ReportingRate.json Passing criteria

100% of the iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.