Mouse Collection

This topic discusses the mouse collection of a Windows Precision Touchpad device, and explains how the collection provides HID-compliant mouse reporting to the Windows host.

A Windows Precision Touchpad device can provide a top-level collection that makes the touchpad appear as a generic desktop mouse (Page 0x01, Usage 0x02).

This is especially important for hosts that are not capable of consuming input via the Windows Precision Touchpad collection. Such hosts include, for example, down-level BIOS implementations, or operating systems prior to Windows 8.1. The mouse collection should support an input report that can, at a minimum, report relative positions (x, y), and left and right buttons. There are no mandatory feature reports associated with this collection. For an example of a mouse collection, see Sample Report Descriptors.

By default, Windows Precision Touchpad devices can report data via the mouse collection, as this is the most compatible reporting mode.