Z-Height Detection

This is to test the z-axis reporting behavior of a Windows Precision Touchpad device.

Test name

  • Test.ZHeight

Core requirements tested

  • Device.Input.Digitizer.PrecisionTouchpad.ContactTipSwitchHeight

Test purpose

  • Verifies that the device does not report contacts that exceed the allowable detection threshold in the z-axis.

Tools required

  • PT3 w/Precision Touchpad Modifications

  • PTLogo.exe

  • 1mm thick non-conductive material (such as a business card)

Validation steps

  1. Place 1mm thick material on top of touchpad.

  2. Lower 1 PT3 contact until it just touches the non-conductive material.

  3. Remove the material, leaving PT3 contact 1mm above the touchpad.

  4. Launch Test.ZHeight.json.

  5. Leave contact in place above touchpad for 1 minute.

  6. Verify that no contact is reported – and if that is the case, then manually Pass the iteration. Otherwise manually Fail the iteration.

Common error messages

  • None.

Passing criteria

  • 1/1 (100%) iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.