Retrieving Device Setup Information

To retrieve setup information from the registry, an adapter driver can call the PcGetDeviceProperty function, and a miniport driver can call the port driver's IPort::GetDeviceProperty method.

For either of these calls, the caller selects the type of setup information to request by setting the device-property parameter to one of the following DEVICE_REGISTRY_PROPERTY enumeration values from header file Wdm.h:

  • DevicePropertyAddress

  • DevicePropertyBootConfiguration

  • DevicePropertyBootConfigurationTranslated

  • DevicePropertyBusNumber

  • DevicePropertyBusTypeGuid

  • DevicePropertyClassGuid

  • DevicePropertyClassName

  • DevicePropertyCompatibleIDs

  • DevicePropertyDetachability

  • DevicePropertyDeviceDescription

  • DevicePropertyDriverKeyName

  • DevicePropertyEnumeratorName

  • DevicePropertyFriendlyName

  • DevicePropertyHardwareID

  • DevicePropertyInstallState

  • DevicePropertyLegacyBusType

  • DevicePropertyLocationInformation

  • DevicePropertyManufacturer

  • DevicePropertyPhysicalDeviceObjectName

  • DevicePropertyUINumber

For a description of the DevicePropertyXxx values above, see IoGetDeviceProperty.

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