Legacy (Sysdev) Dashboard


Until all services have been migrated to the Hardware Dev Center Dashboard, you must continue to use the legacy dashboard for tasks listed on the dashboard landing page.

The following table contains estimates of when features will be available in the Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard. Feature-specific legal and administration tasks will transition with the feature.

Task Transition timeframe Documentation link (if available)
WLK device certification submissions Mid 2018
Attestation signing Completed Attestation signing a kernel driver for public release
Hardware certification submissions Completed Hardware certification submissions
UEFI and LSA Mid 2018
Device metadata Mid 2018
Bug management Migrated Bug management
Remote debugging (WRD) Retiring
Win32 app certification Retired Win32 logo certification deprecation

You can certify your devices and apps for hardware certification using the legacy dashboard. You can also use the dashboard to manage submissions, track the performance of your device or app, and much more. To access the Dashboard, you’ll need to register your company and get a code signing certificate.

Hardware compatibility

Create new hardware submission packages, and manage existing ones.

App certification

Submit new client and server desktop apps for certification and manage ones that you’ve already submitted.

Bug management

File Windows-related bugs to us for evaluation. And, track bugs we’ve filed on your products during the Windows cycle.

Device Metadata

Include device metadata in your hardware package to specify things about your device, like graphics and UWP device apps. To change or add device metadata, use the Device Metadata page.


Create UEFI, LSA, pre-production, driver signing submissions, use our API for file signing submissions, and manage existing submissions.

Driver distribution

Include your drivers in your hardware submission package. To update or replace a driver after submission, use the Driver distribution page.


See how your published products are performing and tell users about fixes through the reports on the Reports page.


Download the Remote Debugging Service. Use the Kernel Debugger to troubleshoot issues remotely with us and other companies.

Your profile

Manage user profiles and permissions, review and manage legal agreements, and manage your certificates and service credentials on the Administration page.