Update a shipping label

Use this method in the Microsoft Hardware API to update a shipping label. Before using this method, make sure you have already created a shipping label. For more info about creating a shipping label, see Create a new shipping label.


If you have not done so already, complete all the prerequisites for the Microsoft Hardware APIs before using any of these methods.


This method has the following syntax. The other sections in this topic provide usage examples and descriptions of the header and request body.

Method Request URI
PATCH https://manage.devcenter.microsoft.com/v2.0/my/hardware/products/{productID}/submissions/{submissionId}/shippingLabels/{shippingLabelId}

The productID, submissionID and shippingLabelId in the method represent the product, submission and shipping label to be updated.

Request header

Header Type Description
Authorization String Required. The Azure AD access token in the form Bearer <token>.
Accept String Optional. Specifies the type of content. Allowed value is “application/json”

Request parameters

Do not provide request parameters for this method.

Request body

The following example demonstrates the JSON request body a shipping label. Only the following types of changes can be made to a shipping label:

  • Add hardware IDs
  • Remove/expire hardware IDs
  • Add CHIDs
  • Remove CHIDs
  • Add audience
  • Update/remove audience
  • Provide Business Justification for the changes
  "targetingInfo": {
    "chids": [
        "chid": "812fac65-9c26-473c-b3a9-1eb3803ac22c",
        "action": "add"
        "chid": "aed6336d-0958-444c-89b6-bf471191d6f0",
        "action": "remove"
    "hardwareIds": [
        "action": "remove",
        "bundleId": "a2dfbcd8-1d4a-4885-90a3-2ac8360542da",
        "infId": "foo.inf",
        "operatingSystemCode": "WINDOWS_v100_X64_RS3_FULL",
        "pnpString": "pci\\ven_8086&dev_5a85"
        "action": "add",
        "bundleId": "48140805-45a3-4a76-8818-e75c117adba9",
        "infId": "foo.inf",
        "operatingSystemCode": "WINDOWS_v100_X64_RS3_FULL",
        "pnpString": "pci\\ven_8086&dev_5a85"
    "restrictedToAudiences": [
    "inServicePublishInfo": {
      "flooring": "RS1",
      "ceiling": "RS3"
    "businessJustification": "Business justification for updating shipping label"

For details about the fields in the request, see ShippingLabel resource.

Points to note:

  • You must provide a value for action when updating CHIDs or HardwareIDs.

  • Audience is an update-only field. Providing a value in this field overwrites any previous value. Leaving the value blank removes the previous value.

  • To learn how to get a list of audiences for your organization, see get audience.

  • The hardware ID object should contain a valid combination of bundle ID, PNP ID, OS Code, and INF name when creating a new shipping label. To get the valid, allowed combinations of these attributes for your submission (package), download the driver metadata file (provided as a link) when you get the details of a submission. For details, see Driver package metadata.

Request examples

The following example demonstrates how to update a product.

PATCH https://manage.devcenter.microsoft.com/v2.0/my/hardware/products/14461751976964156/submissions/1152921504621467600/shippingLabels/1152921504606980300 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <your access token>


The response will be empty with a HTTP status of 204.

After this step, use the method in Get a shipping label to get the updated details of the shipping label.

Error codes

For more info about error codes, see Error codes.

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