AcxStreamBridgeGetTargetStream function (acxstreams.h)


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The AcxStreamBridgeGetTargetStream function gets the ACXTARGETSTREAM object associated with the input ACXSTREAM object on the specified ACXSTREAMBRIDGE object. For more information about ACX Objects, see ACX - Summary of ACX Objects.


ACXTARGETSTREAM AcxStreamBridgeGetTargetStream(
  ACXSTREAM       Stream



An ACXSTREAMBRIDGE object handle.


An ACXSTREAM object handle. An ACXSTREAM object represents an audio stream created by a circuit.

Return value

An ACXTARGETSTREAM object handle.


An ACXSTREAMBRIDGE object is used by a circuit to propagate stream creation, the stream’s states transitions and DRM settings between the endpoint's circuit stream segments. This object is only used in a multi-circuit (audio composite) scenario.

This DDI can only be called from the driver's input stream property handler context. The caller invokes this DDI to manually send I/O to the out-stream of this stream-bridge object.

The returned target stream is only valid in the context of the input stream property handler. Note that the target stream may be already busy sending other I/O (such as state change) as directed by other ks property stream operations.


Example usage is shown below.

    status = AcxStreamBridgeAddStream(bridge, stream);

    targetStream = AcxStreamBridgeGetTargetStream(bridge, stream);


Header acxstreams.h

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