IBidiSpl::MultiSendRecv method

The MultiSendRecv method sends a list of bidi requests.


HRESULT MultiSendRecv(
  const LPCWSTR         pszAction,
  IBidiRequestContainer *pRequestContainer



A pointer to a NULL-terminated string that specifies the action for this bidi request. It can be one of the following constants.

Constant Value Meaning
BIDI_ACTION_ENUM_SCHEMA L"EnumSchema" Enumerate the schema. The returned data will be a list of schema that the port monitor or print provider supports.
BIDI_ACTION_GET L"Get" Get the value of a specified schema.
BIDI_ACTION_GET_ALL L"GetAll" Get the values of all child nodes of the specified schema.
BIDI_ACTION_SET L"Set" Set a value of the schema.


A pointer to the list of bidi requests.

Return Value

The method returns one of the following values. For more information about COM error codes, see Error Handling.

Value Description
The operation was successfully carried out.
The interface handle was invalid.
None of the above
The HRESULT contains an error code corresponding to the last error.

Note that the HRESULT may contain a system error code defined in Bidi Error Codes.


The BIDI_ACTION_* values are case insensitive strings.


Minimum supported client Windows XP
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003
Target Platform Desktop
Header bidispl.h
DLL Bidispl.dll

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