The IOCTL_EHSTOR_TCGDRV_RELINQUISH_SILO request relinquishes control of band management by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Silo driver. Applications issue this request to manage a storage silo directly. The band management functionality and API provided by the TCG Storage Silo driver are disabled.

Major Code


Input Buffer


Input Buffer Length


Output Buffer


Output Buffer Length


Input / Output Buffer

Input / Output Buffer Length

Status Block

On return, the Status field will contain STATUS_SUCCESS if the operation was successful. Otherwise, another appropriate status code is returned.


When the TCG Storage Silo driver relinquishes control, all band management IOCTLs registered by an IOCTL_EHSTOR_DRIVER_REPORT_CAPABILITIES request are unregistered. Any band management IOCTL requests received are returned with STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST.

After relinquishing control, the TCG Storage Silo driver can regain control of a storage device when the device is stopped and restarted.

To prevent the TCG Storage Silo driver from reconfiguring the TCG subsystem in a mode compatible with Windows after restart, the SID credential should be changed to a nondefault value or SID authority should be disabled. This will also allow direct management of a storage silo.


Windows version Available starting with Windows 8 Available starting with Windows 8
Header ehstorbandmgmt.h (include EhStorBandMgmt.h)

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