IXpsDocumentConsumer interface

A filter uses the IXpsDocumentConsumer interface when it generates XPS content for the pipeline to consume.

Note   The XPS print filter pipeline does not preserve digital signatures or story fragments. You may be able to work around this by using stream filters.


The IXpsDocumentConsumer interface has these methods.

Method Description
IXpsDocumentConsumer::CloseSender The CloseSender method tells the Pipeline Manager that the filter is done sending XPS parts.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::GetNewEmptyPart The GetNewEmptyPart method creates a new XPS part.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::SendFixedDocument The SendFixedDocument method sends a fixed document object to the pipeline.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::SendFixedDocumentSequence The SendFixedDocumentSequence method sends a fixed document sequence to the pipeline.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::SendFixedPage The SendFixedPage method sends a fixed page of an XPS document to the pipeline.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::SendXpsDocument The SendXpsDocument method sends an XPS document to the pipeline.
IXpsDocumentConsumer::SendXpsUnknown The SendXpsUnknown method sends an XPS document part that cannot be identified to the filter pipeline.


Target Platform Windows
Header filterpipeline.h (include Filterpipeline.h)