IKsReferenceClock::GetCorrelatedTime method

The IKsReferenceClock::GetCorrelatedTime method queries the associated reference clock for current stream time and acquires the correlated system time.


LONGLONG GetCorrelatedTime(
  PLONGLONG SystemTime



A pointer to a LONGLONG-typed variable that receives the current system time in 100 nanosecond units.

Return Value

The IKsReferenceClock::GetCorrelatedTime method returns the stream time, specified by default in 100-nanosecond units. The correlated system time is returned in SystemTime.


Use this method to determine the difference between stream time and system time. IKsReferenceClock::GetCorrelatedTime returns the times that both clocks show at the same moment.

For the most accurate results, call this method only when the stream is in a running state (KSSTATE_RUN) and not during a state transition.

You should use this method when obtaining a time stamp to put in the PresentationTime member of KSSTREAM_HEADER.

For more information, see AVStream Clocks.

AVStream uses the KSPROPERTY_CLOCK_CORRELATEDTIME property to retrieve the correlated time.


Target Platform Universal
Header ks.h (include Ks.h)

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