[The TCP chimney offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

NDIS calls the MiniportTcpOffloadForward function to forward unacknowledged received TCP segments to an offload target.



NDIS_STATUS WTcpOffloadForwardHandler(
  IN NDIS_HANDLE MiniportAdapterContext,
  IN PVOID MiniportOffloadContext,



The handle to an offload-target allocated context area in which the offload target maintains state information about this instance of the adapter. The miniport driver provided this handle to NDIS when it called NdisMSetMiniportAttributes from its MiniportInitializeEx function.


A pointer to a memory location that contains a PVOID value. This PVOID value references the miniport offload context that contains the state object for the TCP connection for which the TCP segments are being forwarded. The offload target supplied this PVOID value when it offloaded the TCP connection state object.


A pointer to a NET_BUFFER_LIST structure. This structure may be a stand-alone structure or the first structure in a linked list of NET_BUFFER_LIST structures. Each NET_BUFFER_LIST structure in the list describes one NET_BUFFER structure. Each NET_BUFFER structure maps to a chain of memory descriptor lists (MDLs). The MDLs associated with a NET_BUFFER structure contain one and only one TCP segment that is being forwarded to the offload target. The first byte of the first MDL is the first byte of the TCP header. The NET_BUFFER_LIST and associated structures are locked so that they remain resident in physical memory. However, they are not mapped into system memory.

Return Value

NDIS_STATUS_PENDING is the only allowable return value. An offload target always completes a forward request asynchronously by calling the NdisTcpOffloadForwardComplete function.


The host stack forwards one or more TCP segments that it has received but not acknowledged in the following situations:

  • The host stack received the segments on a TCP connection that was being offloaded to the offload target. Since the connection was not fully offloaded, the offload target could not process the TCP segments at that time.
  • The host stack is in a multihomed system that received the segments on a network interface other than the one on which the TCP connection is offloaded.
  • The offload target previously indicated received packets that had IP options set and/or that were fragments that needed reassembling. After processing the IP options and/or successfully reassembling the packets, the host stack forwards the TCP segments to the offload target.
The host stack never attempts to forward TCP segments for a TCP connection when:
  • That connection is being offloaded. The host stack always waits for the offload of the connection to complete before forwarding any packets for that connection. The host stack forwards TCP segments as soon as possible after the offload of the connection has completed. However, there is no time limit for forwarding such segments.
  • The offload of that connection is being terminated. In this case, the host stack buffers the data until the termination of the offload completes and then processes the segments.
The host stack forwards TCP segments--not IP datagrams--to an offload target. Therefore, the only header that the host stack supplies for each segment is the TCP header, including any TCP options that are present. This is all the header information that the offload target needs to process the received segment.

When forwarding TCP segments, the host stack transfers one TCP segment per NET_BUFFER structure. The host stack associates just one NET_BUFFER structure, and therefore one forwarded TCP segment, with each NET_BUFFER_LIST structure in the linked list.

The host stack allocates the NET_BUFFER_LIST and associated structures that NDIS passes to the MiniportTcpOffloadForward function. The offload target owns these resources until it passes them to the NdisTcpOffloadForwardComplete function. While it owns these resources, the offload target is free to queue them for processing.


Target Platform Windows
Header ndischimney.h (include Ndischimney.h)
IRQL Any level

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