NDK_FN_CLOSE_COMPLETION callback function

The NdkCloseCompletion (NDK_FN_CLOSE_COMPLETION) function is an asynchronous completion function for closing NDK objects.



void NdkFnCloseCompletion(
  PVOID Context



A context value for each close request that is passed to the provider with the asynchronous close request function (NDK_FN_CLOSE_COMPLETION) pointer.

Return Value



Note  This function is implemented by the NDK consumer and passed to the NDK provider.
The NDK programming interface includes an NdkCloseObject (NDK_FN_CLOSE_OBJECT) function for NDK objects. For more information about NDK objects, see NDK_OBJECT_HEADER and NDK_OBJECT_TYPE.

NDK close requests can return either STATUS_SUCCESS or STATUS_PENDING. That is, a close request can never fail, but can be completed asynchronously at a later time. The provider must call the NdkCloseCompletion function if NdkCloseObject returns STATUS_PENDING. The provider must not call the NdkCloseCompletion function if the NdkCloseCompletion function returns any status other than STATUS_PENDING.

A close request will remain pending while there is another pending request or an in-progress notification callback on the object being closed.

The provider will call the NdkCloseCompletion function after all pending requests have been completed for the object (that is, the provider called the associated completion function for a request and the completion function returned control back to the provider) and all in-progress notification callbacks have returned control back to the provider.


Minimum supported client None supported,Supported in NDIS 6.30 and later.
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012
Target Platform Windows
Header ndkpi.h (include Ndkpi.h)

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