netconfiguration.h header

This header is used by netvista. For more information, see:


Title Description
NetConfigurationAssignBinary The NetConfigurationAssignBinary method writes caller-supplied binary data to a specified value name in the registry.
NetConfigurationAssignMultiString The NetConfigurationAssignMultiString method assigns a set of strings to a specified value name in the registry. The strings are contained in a specified collection of framework string objects.
NetConfigurationAssignUlong The NetConfigurationAssignUlong method writes a caller-supplied unsigned long word value to a specified value name in the registry.
NetConfigurationAssignUnicodeString The NetConfigurationAssignUnicodeString method assigns a specified Unicode string to a specified value name in the registry.
NetConfigurationClose Releases the handle to the registry key that is associated with an adapter configuration object and then deletes the adapter configuration object.
NetConfigurationOpenSubConfiguration Opens a sub configuration of a specified adapter configuration object.
NetConfigurationQueryBinary Retrieves the data that is currently assigned to a specified registry value, stores the data in a framework-allocated buffer, and creates a framework memory object to represent the buffer.
NetConfigurationQueryLinkLayerAddress The NetConfigurationQueryLinkLayerAddress method retrieves the software-configurable link layer address that was stored in the registry for a NIC.
NetConfigurationQueryMultiString Retrieves the MultiString-valued registry entry associated with a value name in the specified configuration object.
NetConfigurationQueryString Retrieves the specified string value from the adapter configuration object and assigns the string to a specified framework string object.
NetConfigurationQueryUlong Retrieves the specified unsigned long word (REG_DWORD) data from the adapter configuration object and copies the data to a specified location.


Title Description
NET_CONFIGURATION_QUERY_ULONG_FLAGS The NET_CONFIGURATION_QUERY_ULONG_FLAGS enumeration is used as an input parameter to the NetConfigurationQueryUlong method.