DMA_START_HANDLER callback function

Note  The NetDMA interface is not supported

in Windows 8 and later.

The ProviderStartDma function starts a DMA transfer on the specified DMA channel.



NTSTATUS DmaStartHandler(
  PVOID ProviderChannelContext,
  PNET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR DescriptorVirtualAddress,
  PHYSICAL_ADDRESS DescriptorPhysicalAddress,
  ULONG DescriptorCount



A pointer that identifies a DMA channel's context area. The DMA provider returned this handle to NetDMA at the location that is specified in the pProviderChannelContext parameter of the ProviderAllocateDmaChannel function.


A pointer to the virtual address of the first NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure in a linked list of DMA descriptors. The corresponding physical address is specified at the DescriptorPhysicalAddress parameter.


A pointer to the physical address of the first DMA descriptor in a linked list of DMA descriptors. The corresponding virtual address is specified at the DescriptorVirtualAddress parameter.


The number of DMA descriptors at DescriptorVirtualAddress .

Note  NetDMA provider drivers prior to NetDMA version 2.0 can ignore the DescriptorCount parameter. For NetDMA 2.0 and later versions, this parameter is the count of descriptors in the DMA operation.

Return Value

ProviderStartDma returns one of the following status values:

Return code Description
The operation completed successfully.
The operation failed because of insufficient resources.
The operation failed for unspecified reasons.


The NetDMA interface calls a DMA provider driver's ProviderStartDma function to start a DMA transfer. The NetDMA interface can call ProviderStartDma at any time after a DMA channel is allocated. The NetDMA interface must call ProviderStartDma after it calls the ProviderAbortDma, ProviderResetChannel, or ProviderAllocateDmaChannel function for a DMA channel.

The source of the DMA transfer is a linked list of DMA descriptors. The NextDescriptor member of the NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure at the DescriptorVirtualAddress parameter contains the physical address of the next NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure in the linked list.

Note  In NetDMA 2.0 and later versions, the linked list of descriptors is not NULL-terminated. The NextDescriptor member in the last descriptor in the linked list specifies the physical address of the NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure that will be used in the subsequent call to the ProviderAppendDma function. A NetDMA 2.0 provider driver can cache the address in NextDescriptor and use this address as the beginning of the linked list for the next Append operation.
To perform the start operation, the DMA provider must disregard the existing DMA descriptor list, if any, after it completes any processing on the current descriptor. The DMA provider must ignore the NextDescriptor member in the current NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure and load the descriptor that ProviderStartDma specifies.

After ProviderStartDma starts the initial DMA transfer, the NetDMA interface can call the ProviderAppendDma function to append additional data to the transfer.

NetDMA calls ProviderStartDma at IRQL <= DISPATCH_LEVEL.


Minimum supported client Supported for NetDMA 2.0 drivers in Windows Server 2008. Supported for NetDMA 1.1 drivers in Windows Server 2008. Supported for NetDMA 1.0 drivers in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.
Target Platform Windows
Header netdma.h (include Netdma.h)

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